DeSantis Calls For Deportation Of Pro-Hamas Students

( – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) lambasted the antisemitism cropping up on campuses in response to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. He highlighted protests that happened at Yale over the weekend of April 20 as indicative of the problems that result when leftist leadership allows hate to fester. DeSantis suggested that if he were in charge, the offenders would suffer penalties for their bad behavior.

DeSantis was giving a speech at the Cox Science Center and Aquarium regarding new investments being made toward the Everglades Restoration project when he was prompted by the press regarding the incidents.

DeSantis said the behavior of students on campus engaging in antisemitic protests was “unacceptable” clarifying that the speech wasn’t just bad, it was “targeting Jewish students” and creating a hostile learning environment which violated the civil rights of students who disagree with the protesters.

DeSantis highlighted that the state of Florida expects its schools to enforce their codes of conduct, which would result in these students being expelled or deported, if they were here on a student visa. He said American students who were involved should be expelled and foreign students sent home for bad behavior. Consequences and accountability would immediately cause the problem to abate, suggested DeSantis.

DeSantis suggested that “the inmates run the asylum” in higher education where Democrat leaders largely control the cultural environment of the campus by selectively enforcing their rules. DeSantis added that if he were President, he’d get the Department of Education and Department of Justice involved.

Forty-seven protesters were arrested at Yale on Monday morning, April 22. A group had deployed tents and occupied the area demanding that Yale divest from weapons manufacturers. This was the third day the camp had been occupying the area. Those arrested were warned prior to vacate the area but refused. They were all charged with trespassing.

Over 100 people were arrested on Columbia’s campus as part of a pro-Palestine anti-Israel protest. They protesters demanded America stop supplying Israel with weapons, stop any taking research funds from Israel for anything that could be used by its military, and more transparency about money coming from Israel and where it’s being spent.

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