Trump Vows To Restore U.S. Colleges To Greatness

( – Former President Donald Trump threatened to clear out leftists in the Department of Education such that any college or university pandering to the radical left will lose its accreditation as a valid institution. Trump posted a video to Truth Social on Tuesday, April 23 wherein he described his plan.

Trump said that the “College Accreditation System” could be used to bring universities to heel once leftists running it currently are removed from power. Trump wants to bring the hammer down on any institutions pushing communism via woke ideology.

Trump highlighted the skyrocketing cost of higher education while pointing out that the schools have continuously failed to generate students capable of being productive members of society, instead producing deluded activists with little practical skills.

Accreditation is issued by the Department of Education, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or both organizations. Trump said that accreditors have failed in their duty to ensure that students are getting a quality education in exchange for vast sums of money.

Trump said he’d fire radical leftists in the DoE who have allowed “Marxist maniacs and lunatics” to dominate our educational institutions. He then said they’d hire new accreditors that want to impose good standards that include defending American traditions and western values.

Trump added that he’s intent on eliminating unnecessary positions, the so-called “diversity, equity, and inclusion” officers and other bureaucrats who serve little practical function and instead enforce leftist ideology in the workplace. Trump added that universities should be more active in helping their students find jobs, offer low-cost degrees and accelerated programs, and measuring the success of universities with exit exams.

Florida and Texas have already begun to implement similar policies and eliminate DEI positions in government and education in the state. The commentary from Trump comes as universities across the country are experiencing a surge in leftist activism and criminal behavior in relation to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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