Conway Calls Mazi Pilip Political Roadkill

( – Former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway suggested the Republicans failed to run a solid campaign for Mazi Pilip, the Republican candidate to replace former Rep. George Santos (R-NY) who was expelled from Congress last year.

Pilip lost to Democrat Tom Suozzi by a 7-point margin, the same margin of victory Biden had in the district during the 2020 election cycle.

Conway suggested Pilip became “political roadkill” due to a poor campaign. The election favored Suozzi who held the seat for 6 years prior to Santos taking it in 2022 when Suozzi ran for governor. Pilip is a virtual unknown who led a moderate campaign focused on immigration issues.

Conway said on February 14 in comments given to Fox News’ Dana Perino that Pilip could come back to run again should she change her “wishy-washy” opinions on Trump. Conway suggested that Pilip neither endorsed nor separated herself from Trump which left her in the “middle of the highway” resulting in her becoming “political road-kill.”

Conway pointed out that political advisors told Pilip to distance herself from Trump, while the Haley campaign is busy blaming Trump for her loss. Indicating her role is solely to grab headlines and slander the former president, Haley’s representatives suggested Trump is a “huge weight” on Republican candidates.

Haley has lost every primary contest she’s been in so far, including Nevada where she lost to “none of these candidates,” and Trump wasn’t even on the ballot. The next Republican primary is her home state of South Carolina on February 24 and she’s currently trailing Trump by ~30 points in all the polls.

Conway added that Suozzi’s campaign opposed Biden’s open-border policy, demonstrating how Democrats can achieve victory. She suggested Republicans could do the same on abortion and show voters what pro-life and pro-choice mean in a current context while owning their opinions.

Trump blamed Pilip’s loss on her failure to endorse him in comments published to Truth Social. He said his success rate for candidates who endorse him is “almost 99%,” and called Pilip “very foolish” for refusing to do so.

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