German Experts Warn of Net Zero Side Effects

( – The German Transportation Minister is issuing stark warnings about the impact of “net zero” carbon policies or the idea that the state must regulate the amount of carbon emissions such that there is a net-zero amount entering the atmosphere.

Minister Volker Wissing said on April 12 that unless they change their current laws on the subject, extreme measures might be taken to curb the emissions, like banning driving on the weekends.

Critics of pandemic-era lockdowns were quick to claim that once the authorization existed for governments to enact lockdowns on the populace, they would do so again. The demand that people stay in their homes for weeks at a time during the pandemic was repeatedly hailed as improving the environment. Many suggested then that authorities would contrive justifications to do so again in the future; enter “climate lockdowns.”

Critics argue that the rationale is an excuse to exert more authoritarian controls on the populace.

Germany’s economy has already been struggling amid a drop in consumers purchasing goods. Wissing is arguing that the law be changed such that the transportation limits for carbon emissions are raised as long as Germany as a whole can reach net zero emissions.

The rule-change is opposed by the Green Party which is one of three major parties in the current German coalition government. Wissing is in the FDP party which is largely seen as conservative and pro-business. The third party is the Social Democrats currently led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Wissing argues that unless the law is changed before July, he’ll have to enact restrictions on weekend driving to meet the targets. The Greens suggest Wissing is exaggerating or otherwise fear mongering at a time when the legislation’s popularity has waned due to increases in cost of living and other economic factors impacting German citizens.

As a result, Germany could be the first western democracy to begin restricting its citizens ability to drive over environmental concerns.

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