Laura Ingraham Blasts Bragg and Merchan

( – Fox News Host Laura Ingraham called the NY election interference case brought by District Attorney Alvin Bragg a case of seeking “a jury of fears” in a clip dated April 18. The case is ostensibly regarding payments Donald Trump made to Stormy Daniels in exchange for a non-disclosure agreement which Trump is accused of improperly accounting for.

The allegation is technically a misdemeanor, but Bragg stretched it into a felony by classifying it as a campaign finance violation to avoid the statute of limitations. Since the payments were broken up over time, Bragg counted each one as an individual charge to inflate the indictment.

Ingraham implied Bragg & Judge Juan Merchan should be the true defendants in the case as they’re guilty of attempting to inflict harm on Trump’s political campaign. Use of public office to interfere in an election is itself a federal felony.

Ingraham showed a video of a dismissed juror who suggested it would be “very hard” to give a neutral or unbiased determination. Jury selection ended on April 18 with two jurors being dismissed after they had been selected. A further seven were chosen bringing the total to 13. The goal is to get 17 so they have a full jury of 12 with five alternates.

Ingraham then shared a series of clips that highlighted how left-leaning media outlets had to admit that this case is extraordinary and unusual. She made the argument that no president until Trump was ever tried by a jury due to the difficulty of getting an impartial judgment.

Ingraham called the gag order against Trump in the case unconstitutional and elaborated how Merchan, a Democrat donor, gagged Trump from disparaging witnesses like Michael Cohen, an established liar who’s previously perjured himself. Ingraham pointed out that Cohen is free to go on television and give interviews disparaging Trump, but he can’t defend himself, despite facing the potential for jail time.

Ingraham suggested that the media is lining up behind the Democrats desire to put Trump into jail when they should be vociferously decrying the illegality and unconstitutional nature of the prosecution. She suggested the entire process “is absurd,” including the wasted funds on security and interrupting the lives of the jurors.

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