White House Refuses to Participate in Impeachment Inquiry Interview

(IntegrityPress.org) – The White House refused a Republican request to get Biden to testify before the House Oversight Committee regarding his participation in his family’s business affairs in a letter dated April 15.

Biden’s defenders have insisted that GOP investigators under the auspices of Chairman James Comer (R-OH) have revealed “no evidence” of any wrongdoing by President Biden despite all the evidence they’ve presented in terms of testimony, emails, and bank statements that show Biden’s family received large sums of cash from overseas sources over the years he was in public office.

The Democrat authors of the letter called the impeachment inquiry a “partisan charade,” despite multiple witnesses being close associates of the Biden family. Outgoing White House Special Counsel Richard Sauber claimed that the investigations and the evidence unveiled by the GOP actually support Biden’s claims of innocence. He did not specify how that was the case.

The letter called the allegations of wrongdoing and financial malfeasance by Biden “false and unsupported” and continued to slam the investigation as biased or corrupt. Republicans said much the same of the two attempts to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Observers believe the impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden are largely for show and won’t amount to an actual trial in the Senate. The next step would be the House approving articles of impeachment which would require a majority in favor of impeachment. The Senate would then hold a trial which requires a two-thirds majority voting to convict to remove him from office. Given the current field in both chambers and bandwidth limitations it’s possible the inquiry never moves out of committee.

Comer wanted Biden to explain under oath what level of involvement he had with his family’s business deals. Biden had previously claimed to have nothing to do with any of his family’s businesses but Comer’s investigations have revealed that claim to be a lie. Joe Biden attended business dinners, had his name dropped by Hunter Biden during tense negotiations with Chinese partners over money owed, and used multiple aliases in official communications discussing his family’s businesses. Comer would love to ask Biden about these instances under oath.

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