Crowds Go Wild as Carlson Appears with Rogan

( – Independent journalist Tucker Carlson inspired raucous applause during an appearance at Joe Rogan’s Comedy Mothership Club in Austin, Texas during a recording of “Kill Tony,” on April 8. The weekly podcast features a revolving set of up-and-coming comics who get 60 seconds to impress audiences with their latest material. The panel of judges then openly critiques the brief set and gives the men feedback to help them improve their jokes. They will also openly praise the comics when they deliver professional grade material.

Around 30 minutes into the show, host Tony Hinchcliffe announced “a special treat” and brought out Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson to join the panel of judges. Rogan told the audience that Carlson had no idea he was going to be on stage in advance.

Hinchcliffe asked Carlson what he thought of comic Enrique Chacon after his set. Carlson responded “I love this man,” with a huge grin. Chacon quibbed that perhaps in return, Carlson could get him a green card. That garnered a lot of laughs from the judges as well as the audience. Carlson then joked that Chacon was already taking jobs that Americans can’t do.

Comedian Kam Patterson delivered a funny set wherein he joked about witnessing someone die on a scooter and how messed up his response to the situation was. He then greeted Carlson with a handshake and hug before letting everyone in the room know that his grandmother hates Carlson. The room erupted into laughter immediately.

Carlson joked that she wasn’t serious, to which Patterson replied she certainly is.

William Montgomery was the final comic on stage who cracked jokes about Carlson throughout his set. His first joke claimed that Carlson had asked him backstage to “tell some jokes in Russian.” He then spoke about how his family worshiped him and said it was “awesome” he could come “down from Heaven” to join them at the show.

Montgomery also made jokes about Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Ukraine. After his set, he asked Carlson if Larry Sinclair really did have intimate relations with Barack Obama. Carlson replied that he had the answer. He added that he doesn’t have any moral judgments and said “oh yeah,” as the crowd laughed. He further qualified that he was “not kidding at all,” while smiling and nodding. Joe Rogan appeared stunned.

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