Deputy Saves Two Small Children from Wreck

( – A heroic Florida deputy responding to an accident helped save the lives of a mother and her two young children. Video captured by the deputy’s dash camera on February 8 shows a motorcycle whizzing by the deputy’s vehicle around 7:30 p.m. Shortly thereafter, the cop comes across the scene of an accident where the motorcycle is in pieces and a car is smoking on the side of the road.

The deputy estimated that the relative speed of the motorcycle suggested the vehicle was traveling in excess of 100 mph, according to a press release by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

Police believe the speedster slammed into the woman’s vehicle at an intersection in Englewood, Florida. The impact sent him flying through a rear window, killing him instantly.

Charlotte County Deputy Sgt. Dave Musgrove was by himself at the scene and ultimately had to flag down a bystander to help him with the children. The footage reveals the sounds of a wailing mother concerned for the lives of her kids, begging for help as Musgrove approached.

Musgrove extracted the toddler and flagged down a driver to hold the distraught crying child while he went back to extract the infant. He had to remove the body of the motorcycle driver which was covering the baby. When he got the baby out, he realized it wasn’t breathing and immediately began baby-CPR. Within moments the child began breathing again and EMTs arrived shortly thereafter. The child is being treated for traumatic brain injury as a result of the crash, but is expected to survive.

Sheriff Bill Prummell commended Musgrove in the press briefing. He said Musgrove was calm and poised in the face of a tremendously emotional and difficult situation. Musgrove’s quick actions along with the help of the bystander resulted in saving the life of the baby.

The mother, Kayleigh Foley, said they will never be able to repay Musgrove for his valiant efforts. She also reported he’s called every day to check on the status of her little one.

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