Kanye West Removed from Apple Music Amid Copyright Allegations

(IntegrityPress.org) – Controversial rapper “Ye,” previously known as Kanye West, has been censored only five days after the release of his new album, “Vultures 1.” Apple music was all-too-willing to pull the album after complaints arose about copyright violations.

Billboard is reporting that Ye uploaded the album without permission from his distributor, triggering the musical recall. His song, Carnival, was holding the Number 1 slot on the Top 100: Global chart.

Spotify censored the song Good (Don’t Die) after it was flagged by Donna Summer’s estate.

Distributor FUGA published a press statement claiming that “a longstanding client” uploaded the album in violation of their service agreement and was working to remove it from their automatic upload and distribute system. Good (Don’t Die) was still listed on Spotify, but is unable to be played.

Donna Summer’s estate has accused West of sampling I Feel Love without permission, distorting the lyrics, and using a third party (possibly AI) to sing the vocals. Summer’s estate isn’t the only one miffed about West’s use of their music. Ozzy Osbourne flat out denied a request to use his song War Pigs during an album release party.

Osbourne said that West’s history of antisemitism was at issue, calling West “an antisemite” and claiming West has triggered “untold heartache” for many people. West has been vocal about the number of Jewish people in the music and entertainment industry and has suggested there are nefarious conspiracies afoot, a common antisemitic trope.

A livestream of West’s party was quickly terminated on February 15 after he called himself a “crazy, bipolar, antisemite.” The feed from streaming service Veeps was also stopped, suggesting that someone didn’t want West to continue to speak.

West’s album included a title track wherein he raps lyrics that question the claim that he is antisemitic by mentioning that he’s had a relationship with a Jewish woman. The lyrics are far more colorful than we can present here.

His wife, Bianca Censori, has vehemently denied the allegations of antisemitism.

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