LeBron James Loses It On Court

(IntegrityPress.org) – Los Angeles Lakers favorite Lebron James blasted head coach Darvin Ham during Saturday’s game against the Denver Nuggets after Ham refused to contest a call. The Lakers and Nuggets were locked in a series of matches to see who advances to the next round, Saturday’s game was game 4 and the Lakers were down by 3, so the win was much needed

In the final quarter of the match on April 27 at LA’s Staples Center the Lakers were up by 15 points. As the Nuggets were approaching with possession of the ball, James smacked the ball out of the hands of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s hands, sending it reeling out of bounds.

The referee then indicated that the Nuggets would keep the ball because James was the last person who touched it. Ham refused to challenge the call, which sent James into a rage. He began pointing and shouting and even jumped and slammed his feet down.

The brief tantrum lasted roughly 15 seconds but crucially distracted James from when play resumed, causing him to miss a play by the Nuggets which resulted in them scoring.

The score was then 95-82 with the Lakers still in the lead. ESPN commentator Dave Pasch highlighted that James’ tantrum caused him to miss when the game resumed and contributed to the Nuggets scoring.

James cooled off shortly thereafter. The Lakers ultimately won 119-108. Anthony Davis added 25 points to their score and snagged 23 rebounds. James said that due to being down 3 games, each match is their most important of the season in comments given to the press.

Unfortunately the Lakers lost the following match on Monday, April 30 against the Nuggets, eliminating them for the season. Jamal Murray was credited with the victory after achieving 32 points and 7 assists. The Lakers were winning until the fourth quarter, Denver was able to retake the lead in the final 12 minutes of the game, resulting in a loss for the Lakers.

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