Marine Faces Backlash after Publication of Memoir

( – In 2016, VET TV launched their YouTube channel. Their satirical sketches were laden with dark humor and created exclusively by veterans, most of whom had seen combat. The channel’s founder was a former Marine Corps infantry officer by the name of Daniel Maher and his widespread success led to VICE running a feature on his newfound civilian passion.

In a 2018 interview with the outlet, Maher said that one of his main purposes in creating content was to capture the crass and often dirty nature of enlisted behavior. According to the former jarhead, mainstream media incorrectly – or at least incompletely – labels service members as being full of a sense of duty, honor and patriotism.

Maher said the truth is much more nuanced. The ex-captain told VICE that a grunt’s first concern is to engage in violence. Their next and sometimes only other worry is to find someone to be intimate with, according to the ex-devil dog.

Some may interpret recent events concerning an active duty recruiter in the Marine Corps as confirmation of Maher’s opinions. Whether that is or isn’t the case, a number of outlets are reporting that a 36-year-old non-commissioned Marine officer appears to have openly admitted to once being carnally involved with an underage female recruit.

In October, Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Champagne self-published his service memoir. According to reports, the recruiter described having what he referred to as a scandalous intimate relationship that involved someone who was not of age.

Champagne reportedly detailed how he had used his position of authority to build trust with the potential candidate while working at a recruiting station in Texas. Allegations of inappropriate conduct were quickly leveled against the GySgt because according to what several outlets are reporting, the recruit in question needed permission from her parents to join the Marine Corps.

Parental consent is not needed unless a candidate is under 18 years of age. An investigation has been launched.

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