Maxwell Transferred to Luxury Prison Suite

( – Ghislaine Maxwell, British socialite and former girlfriend to Jeffrey Epstein, has been moved to a highly sought after “honor dorm” within the FCI Tallahassee prison complex after lodging a series of complaints about fellow inmates and prison staff. The dormitory is used to house just 30-40 inmates who have shown excellent behavior while behind bars and is said to be a far cry from the crowded and reportedly dangerous conditions of her previous wing.

After being sentenced to 20 years in prison in December 2023 for five different federal charges related to sex trafficking, Maxwell’s lawyers requested that she be sent to Connecticut’s FCI Danbury prison, the prison upon which the popular television show “Orange Is the New Black” was based. This request was not successful, however, and she was ordered to spend her time behind bars 1000 miles away in Tallahassee, Florida. Originally assigned to the B South section of the prison, Maxwell soon asked to be moved to the more pleasant D South section.

The B South wing is where newcomers are automatically sent. It is reported to be overcrowded and poorly kept with high levels of prisoner violence, earning it the nickname “the snake pit”. Rough treatment and bullying behavior are said to be common, and according to the numerous complaints made by Maxwell, she did not escape unscathed. Amongst Maxwell’s reports to prison authorities include other inmates trying to extort money from her, one threatening to beat her with a padlock, and a biologically male prisoner, a transgender-identified inmate nicknamed “Batman”, having intimate relations with a female prisoner in the bunk above Maxwell.

The 120 prisoners in the B South unit sleep four to a cubicle within a large dormitory-like building. Prisoners in D South share a cubicle with just one other inmate, and the prisoners are said to generally get along better, with the fighting and rancor of B South noticeably absent.

During her trial, Maxwell proclaimed her ignorance of Epstein’s sex crimes despite witnesses in her trial pointing to her as a recruiter and groomer of young, even underage, teenage girls chosen to perform lewd acts with Epstein and his friends and clients. Her legal team is fighting her conviction, which sees her ineligible for parole until 2037, arguing that she should never have been convicted due to a sweetheart plea deal made by Epstein in 2008, which granted immunity to several accomplices, although did not specify Maxwell by name.

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