Ninjas Robbing the Wealthy Thanks to Visa Program

( – Chilean ninja-thieves are being blamed for a rash of burglaries in the Detroit area. Local Sheriff Michael Bouchard said that the men are using a Visa Waiver Program by the federal government to gain access to the country. He’s been sounding the alarm about illegal aliens engaging in what he calls “crime tourism,” or the for-profit criminal pursuit of stolen property.

Just last October, a Chilean criminal gang was busted for a string of smash-and-grab attacks in Oakland, Michigan. The foursome targeted jewelry stores and used pepper spray to compel compliance from store workers.

Bouchard said that gangs from Chile were keeping his officers busy with target attacks against retail outlets and homes in the Detroit suburban area. He said “they look like ninjas,” and relayed how the men cover up completely wearing hoodies, masks, and gloves to conceal their identities during their raids. He added that they all bring backpacks with particular sets of gear for breaking and entering the homes.

The problem has gotten so bad Bouchard created a specific task force to hunt foreign burglars. He said that numerous crimes had striking similarities. They target upscale, large homes where there aren’t a lot of prying eyes from neighbors. The homes are also empty when the thieves strike, giving them a lot of time to ferret out cash, jewelry, expensive bags or other items they can pilfer.

Bouchard said there were easily over a hundred teams operating in the US right now, and that each team consisted of four to six foreign criminals.

The gangs use the Visa Waiver Program to gain entry, many of them staying well over the 90-day limit. This precludes the necessity of the men getting a visa which is often a good basic step for screening out people with past criminal convictions or gang affiliations.

Bouchard wants D.C. politicians to take Chile off the VWP list. Every president has expanded the VWP program, including Trump, who added Poland to the list. President Joe Biden has added Croatia and Israel onto the list as well.

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