RFK Jr Seems to Think Genocide is Moral

(IntegrityPress.org) – Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave comments in an interview released on March 19 wherein he suggested Israel is behaving ethically in its conduct in Gaza, attempting to eradicate the ruling authority and de facto government, Hamas.

The Reuters-led interview was published in the Jerusalem Post and allowed Kennedy to separate himself from incumbent Joe Biden who’s been perceived as neither giving Israel nor Palestinians his full support. Biden has taken flak from both sides of the political aisle, alternatively being criticized for not supporting a ceasefire or an end to the conflict from the left, while the right chastises him for his failure to support Israel.

Israel is an emotional hot button for many folks on all sides of the issue due to the nature of the extreme poverty and destitution in Gaza as well as the religious identification with the Zionist state for American Jews and Christians, which features heavily in their religious doctrines.

RFK suggested that “Israel is a moral nation” in the interview, arguing that any other country in a similar circumstance would have effectively wiped its enemy off the face of the Earth. He highlighted that Israel could level Gaza from the air if it wanted, though RFK failed to acknowledge the resultant international outrage that would result.

He defended Israel’s policymakers suggesting that they had “no choice” but to invade Gaza after the October 7 attacks left ~1,200 people dead and 253 hostages taken. He also highlighted the use of the iron dome as a defensive weapon.

RFK did not discuss the claimed death toll from the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Health Authority, which alleges that 30,000 have been killed, and that most were women and children. He also did not mention the rapidly evolving famine due to a lack of food supplies.

President Joe Biden is sending American soldiers to construct a temporary port in Gaza to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid, and Israel has promised to open up pathways for aid to get delivered. Currently only two land entries are authorized in the southern part of the country. A recent “humanitarian airdrop” resulted in the deaths of 5 Gazans; the US State Department denied responsibility for their deaths.

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