Ryan Binkley Ends White House Run

(IntegrityPress.org) – Republican presidential candidate Ryan Binkley has announced that he will be withdrawing from the presidential race. Binkley’s name was not really well known, and he barely appeared on any voter’s statistics.

Because of his relatively unknown status, Binkley’s chances for the White House were already extremely small. After he withdrew, he immediately pledged his support to the leading candidate, former President Trump. Binkley confirmed his decision through a statement on Twitter, in which he also revealed his endorsement and backing for Trump.

In this statement, Binkley also acknowledged the challenges within the Republican Party in making a new vision for the presidency, while addressing corruption allegations against Trump. Despite the current dynamics and issues within the party, Binkley emphasized the importance of unified support for Trump. He expressed his commitment to back the former president moving forward and pushed for any candidate, known or unknown, to support Trump into the main primary. Binkley therefore likely believes Trump is the only real chance for a GOP win in November 2024.

Binkley is a pastor and CEO of a business firm. Although he entered the GOP contest in April, he found it difficult to build momentum in the polls when compared to more well-known opponents. Trump maintained a dominant position in the field pretty much the entire last year.

Trump’s stronghold in the early states has significantly shaped the GOP race, narrowing the competition. However, despite trailing Trump in polling, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley remains a contender, with a lot of strong fundraising efforts and monetary backing. Haley recently lost to Trump in her home state of South Carolina.

As Binkley exits the race, the Michigan primary approaches. It is a crucial step in the presidential nomination process before the upcoming Super Tuesday contests. Binkley expressed his anticipation for exploring alternative ways to make an impact in the US and advocate for his policy positions in the future.

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