Sacks Points to Ukraine as Biden’s Biggest Backfire

( – David Sacks, a venture capitalist who hosts the “All-In” podcast, has fiercely criticized President Biden and his administration’s position on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began in February 2022. Speaking on Sunday March 10 to political commentator Saagar Enjeti on “Breaking Points”, a podcast hosted by Enjeti, he outlined his concerns about US involvement in global political conflicts as well as the American media’s coverage of such issues.

Sacks accused the media of seeking to portray the Ukraine-Russia war in a manner which lacked nuance and discouraged people from discussing the matter openly and honestly, instead creating a sense of “taboo” around the conflict. He likened this stifling of critical discussion to contemporary accounts of the Iraq War which aimed to paint those who opposed the war as “unpatriotic”. He added that he doubted that mainstream media coverage of the Ukraine-Russia war was accurate, and expressed fear that US involvement could lead to the outbreak of a third World War, or as he coined it, “Woke War III”.

Sacks went so far as to call the Biden administration’s approach to Ukraine, which has involved supplying Ukraine with approximately $75 billion of funding which includes paying for American firms to produce weaponry and ammunition for the Ukrainian military, “Biden’s big backfire”. Sacks picked apart some of the claims he said have been made by the Biden administration and consequently disproved, such as that the Russian military and economy would be vastly weakened by now. Sacks argued that the Russian military was in fact larger and stronger than prior to the war, and that its economy had experienced better growth than those in the G7 group of countries.

Sacks has been vocal about his criticism of Biden elsewhere, including speaking at a Washington D.C. event led by American Moment, a Republican think-tank on March 6. Here, he called the president the “co-owner” of the war who had sabotaged an earlier chance of peace. Sacks also pointed to the demographic disaster facing Ukraine. With fertility rates dropping sharply during the war, he referred to the country as “doomed”.

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