Soros Under Fire for Old 2007 Op-Ed Supporting Hamas

( – The man who many insist is intent on bringing about the downfall of Western civilization is being called out for an op-ed he wrote in 2007 in which he appears to have insisted that both the United States and Israel should “open” their “doors to Hamas. According to at least one writer, George Soros’ “clarion call has” not aged well and is likely “to haunt him”

On October 7, Hamas simultaneously launched what was by far the most deadly attack in the terrorist organization’s 36-year history. Over 1,300 Israeli civilians were slaughtered inside only a few hours and countless reports suggested that its agents were even guilty of beheading infants and toddlers. Almost 3,000 Jews were also wounded during the incursion.

Shortly after the scope of their atrocities became clear, calls began emerging for Soros to offer an explanation as to why he had chosen to fund a sister group to Hamas known as Al-Shabaka. Soros has a long history of funding think tanks, and Al-Shabaka is the Palestinian variant of such groups.

Even if the Hungarian-born Jew had not funded the pro-Hamas organization to the tune of over half a million dollars from 2017 to 2021, his 2007 op-ed still exists and appears to show that the billionaire supports or at least once supported Hamas. Soros’ piece, which many would likely find disturbing, said matter-of-factly that Israel and the United States “must open” their doorways “to Hamas.

Students of history may note that his column was not published during a time of peace. It was written while Hamas, Fatah and the Palestinian Authority battled with one another for control of the West Bank and Gaza. Hamas emerged victorious in the Gaza Strip in 2007 in a bloody internal takeover, while the P.A. retained control of the West Bank.

Soros has yet to condemn the recent actions of Hamas. The group’s governing charter calls for Israel’s destruction.

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