“Sound of Freedom” is Now Streaming

(IntegrityPress.org) – The summer film that had liberal outlets and pundits up in arms for what they said was an inaccurate portrayal of the child trafficking industry has landed on Amazon. Users with a Prime account can already buy a digital copy of “Sound of Freedom” both there and on a host of other platforms, but if they’re willing to wait a bit longer, they’ll be able to stream the movie for free.

Prime Video’s release date is set for the day after Christmas. The film’s much anticipated platform launch was preceded by a number of rumors that suggested the Angel Studios production would never make it to the internet.

Only history will tell if those whispers were the result of smart marketing that projected scarcity or if the film’s message was genuinely upsetting enough to the establishment that the heads of major streaming services were actually contemplating not hosting the piece. Either way, money talks and its $243 million in gross theatrical earnings seem to have put dollar signs in the eyes of streaming executives.

After Sound of Freedom’s very obvious success in theaters, the movie’s rights were fought over in a well-publicized bidding war. Amazon has chosen to keep both their initial bid and the terms of their ensuing royalty arrangement with Angel Studios confidential.

For those who have lived under a rock for the last several months, the film itself is helmed by the man who played Jesus of Nazareth in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. In the script, Jim Caviezel portrays the real-life Tim Ballard, a man who walked away from a federal law enforcement gig to found Operation Underground Railroad.

Ballard’s non profit went on to work both independently and alongside federal and foreign agencies in their pursuit of international child traffickers. In the process, the group routinely rescued enslaved children.

Caviezel has insisted in numerous interviews that well-organized transnational pedophile rings are profoundly real.

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