There’s One Point on Which Biden May Be Overtaking Trump

( – According to an October 15 Newsweek piece, President Joe Biden may be gaining ground amongst evangelicals, who overwhelmingly identify as conservative Republicans. The Commander-in-Chief’s domestic policies reportedly have nothing to do with the uptick in support. Evangelicals are instead focused on his handling of the unfolding Middle-Eastern crisis.

Widespread evangelical support of Israel is seen by many as an undeniable reality. The nation’s former ambassador to the United States once suggested that Israeli politicians should focus on conservative Christians over American Jews when lobbying for foreign aid.

Over $3 billion is gifted to Israel annually by the U.S. and the ambassador was referencing the power that the evangelical demographic yields over America’s leaders when it comes to those payouts.

According to Newsweek’s piece, Joe Biden’s rise in the minds of some conservatives has been coupled with increasingly unfavorable opinions about former President Donald Trump’s response to the atrocities of Hamas. As soon as the ex-President said that Hezbollah was “very smart,” Republicans that many would consider to be part of the establishment system began to pounce.

Senator Lindsey Graham conceded that Trump had made “a huge mistake” in his choice of words. Graham’s colleague, Senator Mitch McConnell, said that he couldn’t “disagree more.” Graham conversely applauded President Biden’s response to the Israeli crisis and thanked the head-of-state “for his strong” showing of “support” for Israel.”

Nikki Haley, who was Trump’s one-time ambassador to the United Nations and is currently running for the 2024 Republican nomination, said that Trump had made “America look weak.” Others quickly followed suit. New York Rep. Mike Lawler said that Hezbollah’s past terrorist activities were “neither smart nor” acceptable.

Many would likely remember that Trump moved the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Evangelicals have likely not forgotten that. According to Newsweek, Biden’s handling of the Israeli crisis has given him a slight bump in poll numbers.

The outlet did not offer data for Trump.

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