Trump Jr Speaks Out On Alleged Assault

( – Donald Trump Jr, the eldest son of former President Donald Trump, came to his father’s defense after a video went viral on social media that showed a person allegedly being shoved by Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

The video took off on Twitter, and features former president Trump speaking with former Senate Judiciary Committee adviser Garrett Ventry. Trump tapped Ventry on the back as they were coming to an end of the conversation. The video, which was initially shared by the self-described watchdog group PatriotTakes, sparked a debate among users about whether the adviser was straight-up shoved by Trump.

For some users, this event parallels a past occurrence during a NATO summit in 2017 where Trump was seen moving ahead of a group of world leaders, seemingly pushing aside Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic.

Ventry also took to Twitter, sharing another perspective of the interaction and clarifying that it was only a casual encounter that took place after Trump’s speech. He said that after the speech, they had a quick conversation and even posed for a photo together.

Donald Trump Jr. shared Ventry’s video, dismissing rumors of a “brutal assault” and criticizing the media for distorting the truth. He expressed disbelief that the incident is being portrayed as a severe attack on a Mar-a-Lago guest. Don Jr. especially emphasized the media’s role in shaping public perceptions and questioned the trustworthiness of their information. He stated that Donald Trump senior is not the type to assault anyone.

While the story developed, Trump himself continued to concentrate on his political efforts, getting ready for the battle to win the Republican primary in South Carolina. Trump was facing competition from former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. The former President won the contest over Haley in her home state, taking almost 60 percent of the vote compared to Haley’s 40 percent.

Last week, Trump also won the Nevada primary, which embarrassed Haley as more voters chose the “none of the above” option than cast their votes for her.

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