Ukraine Take Credit for Destroying 6 Russian Warplanes

( – Ukraine’s military took credit for an attack on Russia’s Morozovsk military base and air strip in Rostov. Six Russian jets were destroyed in the attack, according to Kyiv military authorities and the SBU (Ukraine’s federal police). Reuters was unable to verify the veracity of the claim. The anonymous Ukrainian source claimed as many as eight of their warplanes were damaged in the attack, but did not specify how the attack was done.

Russia’s internal news agency, RIA, reporting comments from the Russia defense ministry reported downing 53 Ukrainian drones overnight in the area, suggesting it was a suicide-drone attack. Ukraine has used suicide drones repeatedly to attack targets within Russia.

The war drags on and Russian President Vladimir Putin won re-election with a historic 87% of the vote in March, if you believe the results. Many do not, and suggest Putin’s tendency to eliminate his competition was one of many ways the election in Russia was rigged.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy signed a new law on April 2 which reduced the draft age from 27 to 25, betraying their desperate need for soldiers. The bill was passed last May by Ukraine’s parliament but hadn’t been executed until recently. Ukraine is under martial law with mandatory military service from all fighting age men. Younger men will now be able to be drafted into the service, but a separate bill would be required to mobilize them. That legislation is currently being considered.

The war in Ukraine entered its third year in late February. Zelenskyy had previously suggested, along with some of his military advisers, that they needed a further 500,000 fighting men, but Zelenskyy later walked the comments back, suggesting they could make do with 300,000 new recruits.

Zelenskyy is avoiding having to mobilize more and more of the country’s young people, but he told reporters in December that he would mobilize 25 and 26 year olds if there were “enough arguments” for it.

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