Biden Roasted For Gender ID Alteration To ACA

( – The Biden administration is taking additional flak over its inclusion of gender-affirming care into the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the expansion of a rule to include “gender identity” as a protected category which may compel medical providers to provide chemical castration and gender-related cosmetic surgeries despite the procedures being largely considered ineffective for many people experiencing gender dysphoria.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra hailed the decision as “a giant step forward” for healthcare in America calling the changes “more equitable and inclusive.” Critics contend the rule change is entirely political and highlighted how Becerra was reversing a Trump-era policy.

President of the American Principles Project Terry Schilling suggested the Biden administration was attacking women’s sports and encouraging pseudoscience thinly disguised as medicine. He suggested that the rule-change could be used to force medical providers to engage in medicalized gender-bending despite the practice being largely put on hold in Europe.

Senior Counsel to the Alliance Defending Freedom Julie Marie Blake said that the administration was totally ignoring the intentions of the lawmakers when they passed the ACA. She highlighted how there was never any discussion of changing the definition of gender to include gender identity or to compel providers to engage in experimental and controversial medical procedures.

Blake said that gender-bending medical procedures harm the patients, forever altering their bodies and in many cases restricting or destroying their ability to have children or even experience intimate pleasure.

The consensus is changing regarding the use of these experimental procedures after many parents began inflicting the treatments on their children. A recent report from NHS England nicknamed “the Cass Report” has highlighted the objective results and targets of these procedures. The report showed that far from being effective the so-called treatments often compounded the problems experienced by individuals suffering with gender dysphoria.

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