Biden Secretly Slipped Long Range Weapons To Ukraine

( – The Biden administration secretly approved the shipment of long-ranged missiles for use in Ukraine last month. The weapons will allow the Kyiv to strike farther into Russian-held territories and even Russia itself.

“A number” of Army Tactical Missiles Systems (ATACMS) were transferred to the embattled eastern European state. Biden previously refused to grant the weapons to the Ukrainians over concerns that it could escalate the situation and supply shortages.

Biden will send more ATACMS now that Congress has approved a new $95 billion foreign aid package including $61 billion for Ukraine.

Politico claimed that Ukraine has used the weapons twice before, targeting a Russian military base in Crimea and Russians congregating near the Sea of Azov. They also said that Joe Biden authorized the transfer of the weapons due to increases in domestic supply and Russian advancements on the battlefield.

The White House believes that the weapons will help Ukraine stop Russia from taking more territory or even push them back, potentially turning the tide of war which hasn’t been going well for Ukraine. Biden highlighted Russia’s willingness to target Ukraine’s electrical grid as well as their use of North Korean-manufactured missiles as reasons he changed his mind.

Officials believe that the weapons will help but don’t expect them to dramatically change the circumstances of the war. It’s evident there’s a lot of skepticism that Ukraine can even win the war. Countries from around the world have poured endless billions in cash, weapons, supplies, and other forms of aid. Russia has not been deterred and Ukraine refuses to negotiate.

The delay in processing the aid for Ukraine, as well as a deficit of 300,000 soldiers led Ukraine to suffer losses due to running low on ammunition. An anonymous White House official speaking with Politico suggested that Ukraine could “ultimately” win the conflict, but the short term was about preventing further losses.

The need for soldiers is so intense that Poland may begin shipping fighting aged men who left the country back into the meat grinder. Poland took in the lion’s share of Ukrainian refugees with some 15 million Ukrainians relocating there during the conflict. It’s estimated that just under a million of them are fighting-aged men.

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