Dems Threaten Shutdown without Ukraine Funding

( – Democratic Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, who previously held a budget bill hostage due to concerns about aid to Ukraine, has declared his intent to take more drastic measures if the upcoming federal government bill does not include provisions for Ukraine.

Last week, Senator Bennet initially supported the current stopgap funding package, which lacked aid for Ukraine. As a reason for this he cited an upcoming statement in the future that would emphasize bipartisan support for fully funding Ukraine.

However, recent developments have changed the landscape. A House Republican revolt has led to the removal of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, despite his previous support for funding Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. Some potential contenders to replace McCarthy in House leadership are less enthusiastic about providing additional funding to Ukraine. This shift in dynamics has raised concerns that the House might not approve funding that was seemingly agreed upon last week.

In response, Senator Bennet has expressed his willingness to push the issue to the brink if necessary.

President Joe Biden has also voiced concerns that aid to Ukraine might fall victim to the infighting between Republicans. Biden did note though that parties in both the House and Senate, seem to be largely pro-Ukrainian. Biden further hinted at the possibility of finding alternative routes to provide aid to Ukraine, bypassing the contentious budget process.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina warned of severe consequences if Ukraine does not get US support. He asserted that if Russia goes completely unchallenged, especially if funding to Ukraine is cut, an actual war with NATO might be a possibility.

Meanwhile, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio, a candidate for the position of House Speaker, has indicated he is fully opposed to funding for Ukraine.

Although most within the House and Senate are pro-Ukraine, the loud minority’s case regarding funding still proves to be a thorn in the side for the Democrats.

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