FBI to Begin Criminal Investigation into Bridge Collapse

(IntegrityPress.org) – The FBI has allegedly opened a criminal investigation into the events leading up to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, March 26, an anonymous source has told reporters.

When questioned, the FBI said that some of its agents had visited the stricken container ship that crashed into the bridge and caused its collapse, which killed six people. On Monday, April 15, a statement from the agency confirmed that it was conducting “authorized law enforcement activity”, but did not give further details, adding that there would be no additional comments.

Since losing power and hitting the bridge, the nearly 1000-foot-long Dali container ship, owned by a Singaporean distribution company, has remained stuck in the Patapsco River since the deadly crash. The ship hit one of the supports on the bridge, causing the bridge to fall into the river, along with eight construction workers who were on it at the time. The ship’s crew had sent a mayday signal just minutes before the collision, and authorities were able to close the road and prevent further traffic from joining the doomed bridge. Only two of the construction workers survived.

The investigation is reported to be investigating whether or not all federal laws were followed in the time leading up to the incident, with one source suggesting that the ship’s crewmembers were aware of the Dali experiencing electrical issues before setting off on March 26 on their journey to Sri Lanka laden with goods. This anonymous source claimed that an alarm had sounded in the refrigerated containers on board the ship while it was still docked in Baltimore. The source claimed this would indicate a possible fault with the ship’s electrics, something the crew were allegedly aware of. While the FBI would not confirm or deny the existence of a full investigation, the U.S. District Attorney of Maryland, Erek Barron, said that authorities would seek to hold the appropriate person or people accountable, should anybody be found responsible for the tragedy.

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