Romney Replacement Funded By Haley Donors

( – Republican state Rep. John Curtis is the current front-runner to replace Utah Sen. Mitt Romney. Curtis has raised thousands from former Nikki Haley donors, suggesting that Curtis, like Romney before him, will be an establishment representative largely opposed to Trump and the MAGA movement.

Haley famously stayed in the race well-past the competition dropping out and was the butt of numerous jokes as a result. Critical commenters suggested she was a Democrat puppet running as a Republican to spoil the contest and foster internal division within the GOP.

FEC filings show Curtis raised $98,000 from Haley donors like the SFA Fund, Inc., through April 7 this year. Curtis hasn’t endorsed former President Donald Trump in the current presidential contest. Some other contenders for Romney’s Senate seat have endorsed Trump, including Brent Orrin Hatch, Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs, and former state House Speaker Brad Wilson.

Citadel CEO Ken Griffin was one of Haley’s largest supporters giving the SFA Fund, Inc. $5 million last December. Griffin donated $6,600 to Curtis’ campaign in late February.

Curtis also received $6,600 from Elliott Management Corporation President Paul Singer. Singer gave Haley’s super PAC $5 million in December as well.

Hudson Institute Board of Trustees member Richard Emmet gave Curtis $3,300 in February and donated $755,000 to the SFA Fund last year.

While Curtis’ campaign has previously criticized Trump, his campaign stated that he will vote for Trump in the presidential contest, despite his lack of an endorsement. His campaign manager, Adrielle Herring, stated that Curtis votes with Trump “91% of the time.” Herring also added that Curtis supported Trump’s position on the southern border and supported his Supreme Court nominees.

Haley is still not-endorsing Trump, opting instead to suggest Trump “earn the votes” from her supporters. That’s unlikely as during the primaries it was revealed that a significant number of people voting for Haley were Democrats who were going to vote for Joe Biden in the general election.

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