FDNY To Hunt Down Anti-James Members

(IntegrityPress.org) – The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) is demanding members who booed NY Attorney General Letitia James during her appearance at a promotions ceremony “come forward” so they can “come to HQ to be educated.

James was booed multiple times during her appearance, members also cheered “Trump! Trump! Trump!” which the FDNY brass suggested was “political” and thus inappropriate. In an email from Chief of Department John Hodges, leadership suggests members come forward so they can be reeducated at headquarters about why their behavior was inappropriate.

It’s been suggested that the inclusion of James herself was a political act. James is the primary force behind a civil fraud suit against Donald Trump. That suit was decided by Judge Arthur Engoron under highly unusual circumstances. Engoron declared Trump was guilty of fraud before the trial began, and ultimately issued fines approaching half a billion dollars. Legal experts have suggested no fraud occurred due to an absence of deception, damages, or victims in the case – all three are required elements. Engoron’s extreme fine is also required to be paid or put into escrow for Trump to have his appeal heard.

Union president Andrew Ansboro suggested that the display was “disappointing” and suggested it wasn’t the appropriate venue for firefighters to express their political opinions. Regardless, he said the union would “strongly defend” any firefighters who face disciplinary action over the incident. The union issued instructions to membership that they should follow all rules during their interactions with leadership and immediately inform the union and request representation.

FDNY spokesman Jim Long suggested that “nobody is hunting” for the unruly members, despite the comments from Hodges.

City council member Joann Ariola suggested that everyone has access to the First Amendment, whether they work for the city or not. Ariola applauded the response by the union and said they’re doing their job of protecting membership from overreach by authorities.

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