German FBI Searches Van of McCann Suspect

( – Convicted German rapist Christian Bruecker’s van will be scrutinized by German authorities after it was suggested the van may still hold trace amounts of DNA evidence, potentially connecting the repeat offender to the disappearance of toddler Madeleine McCann in May 2007.

The German equivalent of the FBI, the BKA is now in conversation with the scrapyard where Bruecker had previously disposed of multiple vehicles. It’s believed Bruecker had the van in question in Portugal where Maddie’s family was on vacation when she disappeared.

A worker at the garage confirmed to the media that they don’t routinely wipe the vehicles down for DNA. While they do clean them and make repairs, there could still be traces left in cracks and crevices of the vehicle, which is why Brueckner made regular habits of scrapping vehicles he used to abduct children.

German prosecutor Hans Christian said he was aware of the tip and was collaborating with the BKA on acquiring additional evidence therefrom. It’s also suspected that Bruecker had the vehicle when Inga Gehricke vanished in 2015 from a forest in Saxony-Anhalt. Her disappearance remains unsolved with the only clue being a white sprinter van being spotted driving down a rough road in the area at the precise time she disappeared.

Brueckner had no alibi for that day, and there was evidence he was local due to an automotive accident he was involved in just an hour away the day before. Police searched his residence in 2016 and revealed graphic and disturbing images recorded on hidden memory cards. They also found children’s swimwear.

Brueckner is currently serving a jail sentence for rape while also facing additional trials and charges related to additional rapes and alleged child crimes. He’s denied taking Maddie.

German and international police made efforts to find Maddie’s body last year after a tip was received from an associate of Brueckner’s who suggested he frequently took victims to a reservoir in Algarve, Portugal. Brueckner allegedly referred to the area as “my little paradise,” and police have not revealed the extent of their findings.

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