Hochul Now Wants Limits on Open Borders

(IntegrityPress.org) – Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York, has expressed her concerns about the current state of immigration. She said the situation at the southern border is unacceptable. She also called for limitations on the number of individuals permitted to enter the United States.

In August, almost 260,000 migrants crossed the border. They caused disruption not only in states along the border, which are ill-equipped to manage such substantial population influxes, but also in sanctuary states like New York.

On CBS’ “Face the Nation“, Hochul conveyed her view that the country’s border has become too unrestricted. She emphasized the need for Congress to establish restrictions on border crossings, stating that she wants congress to establish a limit for how many people can cross the border. Hochul asserted that there must be constraints. She also said that congress needs to properly enforce the southern border.

New York City has received more than 100,000 migrants since 2022. Authorities in the state have been working hard to provide decent care for the migrants, although it often diverts attention and money away from the city’s legal residents.

In response to the overwhelming wave of migrants, Hochul has sought state funds in Albany to support housing and feeding the incoming migrants. This includes the installation of a large tent on Randall’s Island in Manhattan during the summer.

Hochul has also challenged New York City’s “right to shelter” mandate, which guarantees housing to New Yorkers and which asylum seekers have been benefiting from. She clarified that the original intent behind the right to shelter was primarily for homeless individuals on the streets and families. It was not intended as an unlimited universal right or obligation of the city to house individuals from around the world.

Mayor Adams estimated that the cost of housing and feeding migrants would reach approximately $12 billion over the next three years, potentially jeopardizing crucial city services relied upon by residents.

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