Lankford Takes Aim at Biden Over Border Policy Comments

( – Senator James Lankford (R-Ok) was captured on camera reportedly mouthing the phrase, “that’s true”, during President Biden’s State of the Union address as he spoke about the recently failed bill that included changes to border security. Speaking about February’s bill, which Lankford co-wrote, Biden claimed that had it passed, it would have resulted in an increase in the number of border agents and immigration judges with the aim of speeding up the asylum process.

Lankford was seen apparently agreeing with this particular statement, and when questioned about this moment explained that he was reacting to his GOP peers seated around him. Lankford claimed that many of them were dismissing Biden’s comments regarding increased numbers of border and immigration personnel, and he wanted to clarify that Biden was in fact correct on that point.

However, Lankford went on to argue that Biden failed to talk about alternative actions he could take to increase border security and improve the asylum process. One area that Lankford said Biden could improve on is the parole system for migrants arriving in the country from the southern border. Lankford claimed that Biden’s parole system is “very open”, with thousands of immigrants being passed through the border very quickly. The parole system allows illegal immigrants to stay in the US while their claim is being processed. It is estimated that more than a million parolees have simply continued to live in the US after their parole has lapsed.

Lankford also criticized the Biden administration’s method of processing asylum claims, with Lankford stating that Biden has failed to use the “last in, first out” method for asylum hearings. Lankford argued that this method would help to deter potential incomers from applying for asylum in the US.

The failed Senate bill co-authored by Lankford included $118 billion of funding, with $20.23 billion allocated for the US-Mexico border. Also included was more than $60 billion of aid for Ukraine, over $14 billion for Israel, and nearly $5 billion for US allies in the Indo-Pacific region.

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