Law Enforcement to File Scotus Amicus Brief Over Gun Ban

( – Maryland’s ban on semiautomatic rifles is being challenged in a new amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court filed by the International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association. The organization helps educate and train law enforcement professionals on the use of firearms in their mission to defend the community from violent criminals.

The brief details the ban which outlaws certain rifles based on the thoroughly disproven claim that they’re “more deadly” than non banned rifles and handguns. It also asked the high court to grant certiorari prior to judgment in the case, which is unusual. The rifles only fire one shot per trigger pull and the ammunition used is some of the safest for indoor scenarios as it tends to not-penetrate walls.

Dr. Babak Sarani who runs the Center for Trauma and Critical Care at George Washington University Hospital published research in 2019 that surprised them. Their review of firearms and autopsies from 23 mass shootings with 232 victims found that handguns were the most lethal firearm used due to more wounds per victim and serious injuries to vital organs. Sarani added that the researchers all believed rifles would be more deadly going into the project.

The brief also argued that Americans look to law enforcement for suggestions on what firearms they should use. Police lawfully use weapons to defend themselves and others, and have weapons that are best suited to the purpose of lawful defense. The stature being challenged in Bianchi v. Brown implicitly denigrates police by conflating their equipment with “weapons of war.”

Plaintiffs in Bianchi have noticed that the Fourth Circuit appeals court have quashed any attempts at challenging gun legislation under the Second Amendment. They requested the certiorari before judgment to make that fact apparent to the SCOTUS, oral arguments are scheduled in the Fourth Circuit for March 20.

It’s clear that Democrats will continue to assault fundamental rights of Americans under the Second Amendment and one of the major ways they do that is by deceptively claiming basic weapons of law enforcement and self-defense are “assault weapons” or “weapons of war.”

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