Pope Francis Speaks Out on Gender Reassignment Surgery

(IntegrityPress.org) – Pope Francis issued a scathing critique of transgender surgeries meant to cosmetically alter the bodies of people suffering with gender dysphoria to resemble their biological opposites. The proclamation comes from a 5-year project to generate “Infinite Dignity,” a 20-page document that was endorsed by Pope Francis on March 25.

The document highlighted that God created men and women as distinct beings with a higher purpose in mind. It further suggested that attempts to alter one’s gender is an attempt to correct God. Christians believe God is infallible and any suggestion of wrongness is what started Lucifer on the path to becoming a fallen angel.

The publishing of the piece comes amidst international controversy over transgenderism, including the inclusion of biological males in female sports and locker rooms. Companies like Bud Light and Target publicly endorsed the gender-bending ideology in their advertising and suffered extreme backlash and boycotts which negatively impacted their companies’ stock prices as a result.

There have even been similar controversies within the church itself. An American Bishop was fired by Francis for publicly suggesting similar sentiments, including the belief that marriage is exclusive to one man and one woman. Pope Francis has been criticized for his attempts to include gay people and other sexual minorities during his tenure as head of the church.

The document revealed that the church has more of a hardline stance on gender bending than previously believed. It makes it clear that there is no ability of individuals to swap their biological gender, putting transgender surgeries into the same category as medically-assisted suicide or terminating the unborn.

It further suggests that the practice of surgically altering oneself is a rejection of God’s gift of life and an attempt to play God oneself. There is a slight exception for folks who suffered genetic abnormalities and could be helped with corrective surgeries.

Some gay activists have slammed the report as outdated and suggested it was undignified to criticize transgenderism.

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