Report Claims Russia Wants to Put Nuclear Weapon in Space

( – A new report is claiming that Russia wants to put nuclear weapons in orbit. The threat of a nuclear weapon exploding high above the U.S. could disable the electric grid via an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP). The energy wave is an invisible shockwave that can cause devices with electricity to short circuit. A properly adjusted weapon could effectively turn off the power in all of North America.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) sounded the ominous alarm by suggesting he made information about the threat available to everyone in Congress. He only suggested that it was a national security issue and related to nuclear weapons in orbit.

ABC suggested the weapons were anti-satellite technology.

Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt suggested the space weapon could be a directed energy technology or an EMP device. So far directed energy technology hasn’t been publicly acknowledged on any space based weapons and remains the stuff of science fiction. No country has admitted to putting any weapons in space, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t up there.

An EMP attack could devastate the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

History professor William Forstchen is considered an expert on the technology and he suggested to Newsmax that a smallish nuclear device could unleash an EMP that would effectively disable all America’s electronics in an instant. Forstchen highlighted that America is dependent on electronics, including for pumping water.

In the advent of an EMP attack, Americans would quickly have to discover clean sources of fresh drinking water within days. Food would begin to thaw. Refrigerators would fail. Forstchen added that most towns have a few weeks of food before people would begin to get desperate.

Some forecasters have indicated that an EMP attack could kill 80-90% of the population and it would take years to repair the damage. Any EMP attack on the US would have lasting, permanent, and history-altering consequences.

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