Scotland Approves Extradition for US Fugitive

( – The alleged overseas American fugitive that goes by many names and whose story has already yielded an episode of Dateline will be sent back to the United States to face trial, according to Scottish authorities. Nicholas Rossi’s extradition order was signed on September 28 and the accused rapist from Utah will reportedly be on a U.S.-bound flight before long.

Rossi, whose legal name is Nicholas Alahverdian, is accused by a number of prosecutors in several stateside jurisdictions with a host of crimes related to indecency, assault, harassment and kidnapping. His alleged stateside crimes against women earned him a reasonable share of media attention. In December of 2019, he told one outlet that he had been diagnosed with a terminal malady and had only a short time to live.

Not long after the interview, outlets in Rhode Island began reporting that he had died. American authorities never bought this claim and his name was placed on Interpol’s list of wanted international fugitives. Thanks to that list, he was eventually tracked down at a hospital in Glasgow.

Once he was found, he insisted that his uncovering was a case of mistaken identity. Rossi did not shy away from conversation and instead insisted that his name was Arthur Knight and that he was an orphaned Irish national. Alahverdian further claimed to have never once been to the United States.

Many who have a predisposition towards accent placement have said that something is off with Rossi’s verbalizations. His phrasings in interviews appear to combine a host of accents from throughout the United Kingdom. In his appearance on Dateline, the fugitive wore an oxygen mask and conducted the exchange alongside his apparent wife while repeatedly gasping for air.

Authorities say they positively identified their culprit by taking his fingerprints when he was unconscious. If they have their man, Alahverdian will have to answer for a number of domestic violence charges at a minimum.

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