Spain’s Queen Sophia Rushed to Hospital

( – Queen Sofia, mother to Spain’s reigning King Felipe VI, was released from hospital on Sunday, April 14, after a four-day stay to treat an infection. Queen Sofia, who became the ‘Queen Mother’ for her country when husband King Juan Carlos abdicated the throne in 2014. Her son took up his mantle.

The 85-year-old Sofia was taken to the Ruber International Clinic in the capital city of Madrid on the evening of Tuesday, April 8, after a urinary tract infection took a turn for the worse and was kept in hospital for the remainder of the week in order to receive treatment.

Her 56-year-old son, King Felipe VI, was quick to visit his mother, spending time at her bedside on the evening of her admission, as well as the following day, when he was photographed smiling and waving from his Lexus as he headed to the hospital. After his visit on Wednesday, he was able to speak to reporters gathered outside the clinic and told them that his mother was already feeling better and was keen to return home.

Queen Sofia is usually renowned for her excellent health and her dedication to maintaining a busy schedule with plenty of exercise, even incorporating daily walking exercises undertaken at home, which is usually either the La Zarzuela Palace in Madrid or the Marivent Palace in Palma de Mallorca. Despite her husband’s abdication following a series of scandals that diminished his popularity amongst his subjects, she is a working royal and spends her days dealing with a variety of engagements and public duties and was due to visit the city of Huesca’s food banks on Friday, April 12, before the event was cancelled due to her ill health.

Her admission to hospital marks her first since she gave birth to the King in 1968. Felipe is the youngest of her three children; his sisters Elena and Cristina are both older but did not succeed to the throne following their father’s abdication due to Spain’s male primogeniture rules.

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