State Department Welcomes Even More Migrants In 2024

( – If you find yourself confused when trying to determine how many illegal aliens are cumulatively crossing our southern border, it’s very likely that you’re not alone. If you find yourself even more confused when trying to balance those numbers against the State Department’s most recent legal immigration proposal for Central and South America, it’s also very likely that you’re not alone.

John Steinbeck once said he had learned an unsettling truth about the nature of “confusion in government.” The famed American author opined that legislator-induced confusion was encouraged by our leaders because someone who is confused is incapable of making “clear demands.”

While up to 10,000 illegal immigrants are crossing the U.S. border with Mexico every day, the State Department says they are simultaneously looking to up the number of legal immigration applications from Latin America by as much as 333%. Authorities had listed a 2023 target of 15,000 refugee application approvals, but federal data shows that as of late August, more than 51,000 had been processed.

For 2024, the Department of State says they want to increase the number of refugees allowed into the country from south of the border to as high as 50,000. If the numbers next year follow the current trend, then 150-200,000 legal refugee applications will be processed.

The official cap on the number of legal migrants allowed into the U.S. is currently set at 125,000 per year. Even if that total is reached, it would be dwarfed by the number of illegal crossings taking place on a monthly basis.

In August alone, Customs and Border Protection documented almost 233,000 interactions. That total does not include the number of individuals that slipped across the border unnoticed.

Despite calling for a dramatic increase in refugee applications from Latin American nations, the State Department has chosen to cut applications from Europe and Asia by as much as 600%.

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