Trump Posts $175M Bond and Makes His Feelings Known

( – Donald Trump paid his $175 million bond on April 1 as part of the $454 million fine levied against him by Judge Arthur Engoron in a civil fraud case launched by New York state Attorney General Letitia James. The case, which alleged that Donald Trump committed fraud by inflating the value of his assets when applying for business loans, was decided in James’ favor late last year, with the sentencing handed down in February 2024. Trump and his legal team have since been fighting the ruling, with some small successes so far.

Originally, Trump was barred from operating his business in the state of New York, an order which has since been stayed. He was ordered to pay the full bond, initially $355 million plus interest, which took it to $454 million. After asking 30 different bonds companies, not one could provide such a high bond. Another state appeals court agreed that Trump could pay $175 million for his bond instead, which he agreed to do. Having now paid the reduced bond, the former president has once again taken to his social media website, Truth Social, to vent his frustration with what he views as a major injustice.

Calling both Judge Engoron and Attorney General James “corrupt”, he claimed that his estimates were never inflated, but were in fact, “conservative” and argued that the only victim in the case has been him, particularly as he repaid all his loans in full. Trump stated that he believed the case to be a “witch hunt”, and that Engoron, who has donated money to the Democratic party before, was biased against him, ruling against him before ever hearing the case.

His attorney Alina Habba said that Trump was looking forward to winning his appeal and being vindicated, although he may have some time to wait before he gets the opportunity. The Appellate Division of the state court has floated September 2024 as a possible date for his appeal to be heard, and in the meantime the interest on his fine will continue to rise, adding nearly $112,000 each day that it remains unpaid.

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