Turley Breaks Down Fanni Willis Case

(IntegrityPress.org) – George Washington University Law professor and Fox News regular legal analyst Jonathan Turley was shocked by the display put on by Georgia DA Fani Willis during her recent testimony. A two-day hearing was held on February 15 and 16 to determine whether or not Willis’ hiring of her boyfriend Nathan Wade to serve in the prosecution of Donald Trump constitutes a conflict of interest, potentially jeopardizing the case.

Willis and Wade were shown to have taken extravagant vacations together which were largely paid for by Wade. Wade’s salary is significantly more than Willis’ so some have alleged a bit of quid pro quo. Willis attempted to suggest she wasn’t on trial during the hearing and redirected the attention of the court to her case against Trump and his co-defendants.

Turley said that Willis took a page from Trump’s book: insulting the court, alleging conspiracy, and suggesting opposing counsel was engaged in rank deception. Turley said that Trump did everything that Fani did and the juxtaposition of how they were received by the corporate media was astonishing.

Trump was sanctioned multiple times by Judge Arthur Engoron in the New York civil fraud trial for doing just that. He was even gagged and fined for making “disparaging statements” about the court and its officials.

Turley pointed out that while Judge Scott McAfee attempted to admonish Willis, she simply ignored him. While that perplexed Turley, it’s been suggested that the fact the two have had a prior working relationship may be to blame. Turley seemed unaware of the past relationship in his comments.

McAfee, 34, is new to the bench after being appointed in late December 2022 by Gov. Brian Kemp, which may explain his hesitancy. His decision in the current matter will determine whether or not the Georgia case against Trump will continue in its current form, if it will be dismissed entirely, or relegated to another prosecution team.

Turley said McAfee has a lot of leeway in how he rules and gave several potential outcomes, including that the two could be referred to the bar for their questionable behavior.

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