Turley Speaks Out on Rushed Trump Trial Dates

(IntegrityPress.org) – Law professor and Fox News regular Jonathan Turley said that the rushed Trump trial schedules would make his hair “catch on fire” if he were the lawyer defending Trump in comments given on Wednesday, March 6. Trump’s lawyers have repeatedly argued that the DOJ is attempting to accelerate the trial scheduling across all the various indictments in order to garner a conviction before the November general election.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s election interference case was originally slated for March 4, but the Supreme Court agreed to hear Trump’s challenge on the grounds of presidential immunity in February. SCOTUS has the issue scheduled for late April, which is delaying Smith’s prosecution for Trump’s alleged crimes pertaining to January 6.

Turley suggested to “Fox & Friends” viewers that the big question is how the trial judges are going to respond to the timeline. He said that Judge Chutkan in D.C. who’s assigned to the case has said she’s refusing to consider the fact Trump is the GOP front runner. Turley suggested that was surprising. He added that if the SCOTUS rules against Trump on the immunity question, it’s possible that Chutkan can schedule the trial to proceed before the electoral contest and it could even continue through the election.

Judge Aileen Cannon scheduled Trump’s classified documents case to begin the trial on May 20th, but a recent hearing on the matter ended without a new date being set, according to NBC. The DOJ requested July 8 while Trump’s lawyers suggested August 12.

In New York, Trump has to face accusations of financial misdeeds pertaining to a payment he made to Stormy Daniels to keep an alleged affair under wraps in advance of the 2016 election. Judge Juan Merchan is overseeing that case and he scheduled the trial to begin on March 25.

Turley said that he’s never seen trials get scheduled so quickly in the entirety of his D.C. practice. He called the scheduling rushed and then suggested that having Trump in a courtroom actually boosts his support, due to the perception that the establishment is gunning for him.

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