US Mourns 60 Deaths Across 13 Mass Killings

( – The most recent mass attack in the US occurred on Wednesday, March 27. A 22-year-old man in Rockford, Illinois, seemingly went postal, stabbing and beating multiple people, killing four before authorities were able to subdue the man. Seven other victims suffered various injuries in the 20 minutes that spanned the time between someone calling 911 and the attacker being arrested.

He’ll face four charges for first-degree murder with seven charges for attempted murder. He’s also being charged with home invasion, assault with a deadly weapon, and other charges. The slain were 15, 23, 49, and 63 years old. Police report that the man’s motive is unknown at this time and confirm he acted alone.

The event marked the 13th mass killing in 2024 according to data from The Associated Press and USA Today. Mass killings or mass attacks are events in which four or more victims are slain, excluding the attacker. The FBI uses the same criteria.

The data indicates that 2024 is on track to be one of the top years for mass attacks; currently it stands in fourth-place for the number of attacks by this point in the year. 2008, 2009, and 2023 are still ahead with 81, 67, and 83 deaths by this point in the year, respectively. 2023 finished with 217 deaths across 42 mass attacks, which made it one of the deadliest years ever.

There have been 587 mass attacks from 2006 through March 31, 2024 in which a total of 3,049 people were killed and a further 2,054 were injured.

Other recent attacks include a family murder in West Virginia that resulted in the deaths of an infant, a 90-year-old, and two other adults on March 11. Police believe a 45-year-old male was responsible; he killed himself in his vehicle and was found over 110 miles away from the scene.

A woman and three children were killed, stabbed to death, in their home in Hawaii on March 10. Police believe the husband killed his wife and children before committing suicide.

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