US Migrant Population Hits All-time High

( – The number of illegal immigrants entering the country since Biden became president is estimated to be hovering around 4.5 million people, that number is higher than the populations of 25 US states. That’s in addition to the estimated millions already living in the U.S. before the current crisis.

The problem is indicated by a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) that demonstrates the total number of illegal immigrants is approaching 50 million, or 15% of the total US population. It’s the highest proportion of illegals in the country in its history. The closest we came before was during waves of legally facilitated migration in the late 19th century when 14.8% of the population were legal immigrants.

Researchers with the U.S. Census Bureau estimated we wouldn’t hit 15% of the population being foreign-born until 2033, it seems we’re a decade ahead of schedule thanks to Biden.

The Biden administration is allowing migrants to enter illegally, even going so far as to destroy fences, remove barricades, and engage in legal action against local authorities who attempt to slow or stop it. The problem was exacerbated by the expiration of Title 42, which was a pandemic-era policy that allowed immediate deportation and return of individuals from specific countries.

For comparison, the foreign-born population increased by approximately 68,000 per month under Obama, whereas under Biden it has nearly doubled to 137,000 per month.

CIS clarified that its reporting accounted for all foreign-born immigrants, including those legally and illegally in the country. They indicated that 75% of the foreigners born outside but living in the U.S. were legal migrants with illegals making up a significant percentage.

Biden’s DHS admits publicly that at least 2.6 million illegals have been allowed into the U.S. during his watch. They facilitate the process offering all kinds of shortcuts to encourage illegal migration.

CIS noted that hundreds of thousands of requests for asylum have been approved by Biden’s administration. Only 698 were rejected out of 224,000 applications. Biden’s DHS has also approved illegal migrants to fly right in as of September 2023.

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