Accused Tupac Killer Upset His Friends Won’t Help with Bail

( – The man who stands accused of fatally shooting rapper Tupac Shakur in 1996 remains in jail despite being granted bail in February.

After a judge saw fit to allow Duane “Keefe D” Davis to return home on condition of payment of $750,000 bail. Usually, suspects need to be able to provide a down payment of approximately 10% to a surety company in order to have that company guarantee their bond, and it has been reported that the 60-year-old former member of the “Compton Crip” gang has found himself short of cash.

Despite Davis’s attempts to rally friends and family to his aid, he has not so far been able to raise the necessary funds to get him out of his jail cell in Las Vegas’ Clark County Detention Center. If he fails to find the cash, he will be forced to remain in custody while awaiting his trial, currently scheduled for November.

Davis has previously admitted to running a successful operation as a drugs kingpin in the 1990’s and reportedly took pride in giving good wages and lavishing generous gifts upon the criminals who served under him as he raked in millions of dollars trading in illicit drugs in the greater Los Angeles area. An anonymous source claiming to be a former associate of Davis described the murder suspect as being greatly disappointed that his generosity has not been repaid by his former criminal peers and subordinates in his hour of need.

However, even if Davis’s alleged criminal connections were to raise the requisite funds, Judge Carli Kierny has been careful to order a means hearing, meaning that the funds he manages to raise, if any, will be scrutinized to ensure that they came from legal sources. Any illegally sourced money may result in the judge rejecting his bid.

Davis has complained that the media attention surrounding his case has negatively impacted his ability to raise bail funds. Davis was arrested and charged with Tupac’s murder after writing a memoir in which he detailed the rapper’s murder. He has also given public interviews in which he claimed to have been responsible for his death. Despite this, he claims to be innocent of the charges levied against him.

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