At Least 14 Americans Killed by Hamas in Israel

( – A statement provided by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on October 8 appears to have been an accurate harbinger of what was on the horizon as a result of the unfolding war in Southern Israel. At the time, the Democrat from New York released a statement in which he confirmed the deaths of four Americans in the conflict.

Schumer, who is of Jewish ancestry, added the caveat of certainty to his Sunday night words. “Sadly,” the legislator wrote, “we know” that “the toll” is going to “rise.” The New Yorker was provided with the update by officials at the State and Defense Departments.

He acknowledged that he had been told Hamas was intentionally targeting scores of “civilians,” including “children” and “seniors.” Schumer went on to say that he asked the briefing officials if the Defense Department was providing Israel with “everything they need.”

The Senator indicated that he “was heartened” to learn “that they” were receiving “surging support” and further added that he was unaware of a single request having been “denied.” He is reported to have conveyed his willingness to approach fellow Senators if any appropriations requests were needed.

Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israeli settlements and cities adjacent to the Gaza Strip came less than one month after the White House chose to unfreeze $6 worth of Iranian assets as part of a prisoner swap between the U.S. and Iran. Many at the time warned President Biden that his decision would both embolden terrorists and give them access to a large capital base.

On the orders of the President, a naval strike group composed of multiple cruisers, destroyers and an aircraft carrier is on the way to Israel’s Western shoreline. In a separate but connected development, the U.S. veteran-led group known as Project Dynamo is headed to Israel to aid in the evacuation of American citizens.

As of October 10, 14 Americans have been confirmed killed.

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