Biden Admin Accused of Running 2020 Playbook

( – Biden’s got a leak at the White House and an aide speaking with Time Magazine is warning that Biden’s campaign is running the same playbook as 2020, with potentially disastrous consequences for the establishment left. The piece from March 21 highlighted that Biden’s allies are worried he’s losing critical support from minorities and believe Biden’s failing to accurately communicate with his base.

The Time piece from writer Charlotte Alter highlighted Biden’s low approval rating (he’s been hovering in the high 30s), which is lower than many presidents who failed to secure reelection in years past. A number of recent polls show Biden trailing Trump in a general matchup between the two men. The trend is also stark. Biden had much higher polling in years past, indicating that as we approach November 2024, voters are honing in on what is important to them.

Alter suggested that Trump is actually in the best position ever to win the presidency when comparing his polling to 2016 and 2020. She highlighted that the deep state lawfare against the former president has only strengthened the resolve of his base and independent voters who view prosecution of Trump as largely political. The cover of the magazine mocked Biden, suggesting he was “stuck” portraying him on a bike in mud.

The anonymous insider suggested minorities were irate with the Democrats and Biden. Rep. Bernie Thompson (D-MS) suggested Biden’s campaign has described his achievements in terms that were too “academic” for voters to understand. Biden rattled off a number of numbers during his State of the Union address that CNN fact-checked with added caveats.

While Biden’s numbers were largely accurate, he ignored key points of context. For instance, while boasting about the number of manufacturing jobs added during his administration, Biden ignored the fact that most of the growth occurred in the post-pandemic period after mandatory shutdowns abated.

A former Biden campaign strategist suggested that Biden believes his campaign officials are doing a good job because they won the last time. Another insider rejected the supposition that the campaign isn’t evolving in comments given to Fox News. That individual cited the opening of field offices and new technological tools as evidence the campaign is adapting to the times.

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