Experts Fear ISIS-K Attack in US

( – The March 22 Moscow attack at the Crocus Concert Hall resulting in the deaths of 144 people has one American general concerned that the porous southern border may allow terrorists to enter the country.

General Frank McKenzie is the former head of U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) and he’s warning that ISIS-K wants to engage in mass attacks here in America and in European nations. McKenzie gave comments to ABC News’ “This Week” suggesting that the potential for an ISIS attack in America “is growing.”

McKenzie said the group began to recoup after the US pulled out of Afghanistan and has been expanding their potential ever since. He told viewers that the US should anticipate attempts at terrorist actions inside the US as well as in allied European nations.

McKenzie is also suggesting that Moscow may have captured or stopped the terrorist if they had heeded warnings from the US intelligence community. He said that ISIS still holds Russia responsible for its interventions in the Syrian conflict a few years ago wherein Putin aided the Syria government in rooting out militias that were attempting to overtake the government.

McKenzie claimed the US gave Russia “pretty precise information,” and suggested the warnings were ignored by the Russians. The Russians countered that the information was too general and failed to contain specific actionable details about who was planning an attack.

Putin has highlighted that the terrorists were captured en route to Ukraine and had passports on them when they were captured. The men themselves were from Tajikistan and it’s been suggested that they were hired mercenaries. There have been additional arrests in the plot, including some who merely aided the attackers.

Head of the FSB (Russia’s federal police) Aleksandr Bortnikov has suggested UK, US, or Ukrainian puppet masters are behind the crime. The Russian foreign intelligence agency SVR has claimed the US is using its State Department to scrub references to potential Ukrainian responsibility for the attack.

The SVR suggested that any Ukrainian culpability in the attack could prevent further financial investment in the war. The American Congress returns on April 9 and is largely anticipated to vote on continued war funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

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