GOP Calls for Aggressive Support of Israel

( – Florida Senator Marco Rubio is among a chorus of GOP legislators who are voicing their support for the nation of Israel in the face of their October 7 attack at the hands of Hamas terrorists. Since the Palestinian incursion into Israel, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee member has posted to Twitter about it a total of 10 times.

In each instance, Rubio either lambasted Hamas or gave a nod of approval to any action the Israelis deemed necessary. In one post, the Republican said the Jewish state “has no choice” outside of seeking the total “eradication of” the ruling authority “in Gaza.” Rubio said that a “measured response” on the part of the Israelis would lead nowhere.

He appeared to refer to the seemingly imminent invasion of Gaza as a “tragically necessary effort” that would exact “a horrifying price” on all involved. The senator ended his October 9 post by saying that “the price of” not taking action “to permanently eliminate” the Hamas “savages” would be “even more horrifying.”

Rubio is hardly the only Republican to take such a stance. One may find it difficult to locate a single noteworthy member of the GOP who has not made a recent public statement in favor of potential Israeli military action. The issue is so prominent that Rep. Jim Jordan is on record saying that his first action if elected to the speakership would be to pass a resolution in support of Israel.

Even a number of Democrats appear to be in favor of the Israeli government taking action against Hamas. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who is a Jew, has made clear that he stands with the Israelis. Following the attacks, he suggested he would be willing to act legislatively on behalf of the Jewish nation.

Democratic support of Israel does not appear to be unanimous. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who is Palestinian-American, refused to answer questions about Hamas decapitating Israeli babies. President Joe Biden later confirmed the atrocity in a press conference October 11.

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