OJ Simpson’s Executor Speaks Out on State of Estate

(IntegrityPress.org) – OJ Simpson’s Last Will and Testament was filed in a court in Nevada shortly following his death last week on April 10. The famed NFL star and accused killer left behind an unknown amount of cash in a trust fund and a significant amount of debt, according to the executor of Simpson’s will.

Long-time attorney Malcom LaVergne will maintain control of the estate. The seven-page will appointed LaVergne as the executor and highlighted Simpson’s four biological children. LaVergne said that the estate is entering probate, which is a complex legal process involved in divvying up the wealth of the deceased while satisfying their debts.

Simpson still owed a large sum to the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson for a finding of civil liability in wrongful death cases brought against him in the aftermath of his acquittal in criminal proceedings. The civil court found him liable for $33 million in damages, but since the amount has gone largely unpaid for decades it’s inflated to over $100 million today.

LaVergne said it’s possible that the families might not see a penny as Simpson owed the IRS a significant sum as well and they come first in the priority list.

Simpson’s estate must be tallied and accounted for first and then liquidation of his assets can begin with those legally entitled to be paid out first getting first claim to the funds.

The Goldman family has received $130,000 in total of the millions they are owed. LaVergne said that he hopes they end up getting nothing after all is said and done. It was unclear why he held the Goldmans in such a negative regard.

Legal representation for the family said that they were intent on pursuing the funds, regardless of where the money is or how it is tied up.

Fred Goldman, father of Ron, who is now 83 still retains resentment toward Simpson for the murder of his son. He suggested that the death of OJ Simpson should really be a reminder of how OJ killed his son and Nicole Simpson.

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