Twin Babies Rescued after Parents Murdered in Israel

( – A set of Israeli twins were discovered alive in the aftermath of the carnage unleashed by Hamas on October 7. The infants, who were only 10 months old, were reportedly discovered by Israeli Defense Forces as they began clearing and reclaiming areas that had been infiltrated by Palestinian terrorists.

Reports suggest that the babies were stashed in a secret compartment by their parents in the moments that preceded their home being stormed by agents of Hamas. Itai Berdichevsky and his wife Hadar were said to have only had a few seconds to take action before terrorists smashed open the entrance to their home.

According to one Israeli official, the 30-year-old couple “fought” their attackers “bravely,” but both were ultimately killed. Somehow, the twins remained undiscovered by the assailants. It was a full 12 hours before troops with the IDF found the now orphaned children. Reports from elsewhere in the country say that some Jewish infants had been beheaded during Hamas’ incursion.

The Israeli Ambassador to Columbia, Gali Dagan, said that Itai and Hadar were “heroes” and that they had done “everything” possible “to save their” babies. “Imagine the horror,” he said. “Blessed be” their “memory.”

Though the media at large does not appear to have picked up on it yet, it would likely not surprise many if the story is eventually compared to that of the Biblical story of Moses. The Jewish leader was placed in a basket by his mother and set adrift on the Nile so he could escape execution.

In response to the attacks, the Netanyahu government has activated about 300,000 reservists, many of whom are dual citizens that are currently on their way to the Jewish homeland. Of that number, about 175,000 have been deployed on the Israeli border with Gaza. Many anticipate a ground assault in the near short term.

American special forces have reportedly been placed on standby for potential hostage rescues.

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