Aurora, Colorado Stops Funding Geared Towards Migrants

( – Illegal aliens who crossed the southern border and were granted access to the country by the machinations of the Biden administration will no longer be getting financial support from the liberal city government of Aurora, Colorado. They’ve run out of funds to splurge on the criminal entrants, blaming the federal government for failing to support them.

Nearby Denver has received more border crossers per capita than other major U.S. cities. They’ve already blown through $58 million supporting nearly 40,000 illegals. They anticipate $12 million will be reimbursed by the feds. Currently, the state and federal authorities have already contributed over $5 million.

Denver Mayor Mike Johnson (D) has previously expressed sympathy with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) regarding both of their requests for help from the feds. Johnson said that they’re quickly running out of both funding and space to house the surge of border crossers. He anticipated that their funding would run out by April.

Fed up with the surge, the City Council in Aurora voted 7-3 to approve a resolution that would prohibit the mass busing of homeless people, including illegal aliens, into the city. Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman speaking with Newsweek on February 27 said that the city simply lacks the means to cope with the issue.

Coffman blamed D.C. for the problem. He suggested it was their responsibility to fix it and suggested “comprehensive immigration reform,” a frequent talking point of the Democrats. He said that the federal government is responsible for the tides of illegals until such time as the situation is addressed.

Backers of the resolution cited the severe financial drain on local governments around the nation as a result of the Biden administration’s refusal to enforce immigration law. Councilman Steve Sundberg said that while they were “empathetic” towards the illegals, the reality of the city’s financial situation prohibited any public spending on the problem.

Sundberg said that officials in Colorado Springs similarly acknowledged that local towns and cities can’t afford to cover the cost of a massive influx of needy refugees who come into the country illegally.

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